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Greetings! Welcome to 'de Jager' central here you'll find archives of my published materials, links to new articles, my bio and speaking topics.

I publish three different items that might interest you. If you'd like to subscribe to any of them, fill in the form at the bottom and indicate which ones I should send you.

All these subscriptions are free and your subscription information is never sold, bartered, traded etc. In other words? My privacy rules are simple. Only I have access to the information you provide me.

Managing Change & Technology

A monthly journal focused on a single issue. Change. How to cope with it, manage it, implement it. This is the core of my work as a speaker and consultant. It is delivered in the Adobe PDF file format.
Truth Picks

A mini-essay I send out 2-3 times a week. A Truth Pick is a short pointed commentary designed to extract the 'Truth' out of a popular quote or epigram. It is delivered via the Yahoo eGroups service.
Event Horizons

A monthly collection of tips, tricks and thoughts for the curious from a cadre of speakers and consultants sent out once a month. It is intended as useful, concise and at times amusing. It is mailed out as an HTML e-mail.
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Thanks for visiting the site!

Peter de Jager