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Peter de Jager is a provocative Speaker, Writer and Consultant. His primary focus in on how we manage change, technology and the future.

In addition to speaking at conferences worldwide, he's also written monthly columns for Municipal World and Computing Canada.

His goal is always to question what we think is so, and in so doing perhaps open up new opportunities.

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Here's something a little bit different.
A poster. Poking some gentle fun at all Change Agents in the world... that's most of us.  

These are 
20x30 inches
on 100lb Glossy

Cost: $25.00/copy.
S/H is $10.00 

(mailing a tube is sadly expensive!)

To order?

I'll be putting a proper
form together in a little while. In the meantime?
Send me an e-mail.

Indicating Qty, address
and preferred method
of Payment - I can accept
payment via PayPal.

Thanks in advance for your order!

Yes... the actual poster does NOT include that nasty gray copyright notice.



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